Regency has a large department that sells long-term care and rehabilitative equipment including power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, stair lifts and transfer devices, as well as a variety of other specialized equipment. We have a team of highly qualified professional rehab consultant who work with Therapists, Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities, as well as the general public to determine the appropriate type of medical equipment that is required for each individual. Our Rehab Consultants have many years of experience in providing the right equipment for each individual.

In Home Visits

Regency offers in home visits for customers in the Greater Vancouver area wishing to find out more information about the long term care and rehab equipment we provide. A professional Rehab Consultant will visit you in your home or care facility to work with you to find a product that suits your individual needs.

Demos and In Home Trials

Regency can provide customers with in-home demonstrations of various types of long-term care and rehab equipment. We recognize that customers may need to try a variety of equipment to assess which best fits their needs so we can offer our customers a trial period.


To book an appointment with one of our professional Long-term Care and Rehab Consultants please call 604-434-1383 and select option 4 for Outside Sales, or contact one of our Rehab Consultants.